Bereaved families call for public inquiry into Government handlings of Covid-19 pandemic


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A new action group of bereaved families is fighting to hold the Government to account over its’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The group is made up of family members who want to seek justice after losing their loved ones to Covid-19.

They believe that the Government did not act appropriately at the start of the outbreak and failed to protect their relatives and the lives of others lost to the virus.

The founder of the Facebook group ‘Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK’ is Matt Fowler from Nuneaton.

His dad Ian Fowler, aged 56, was taken into hospital on the day that lockdown began and died with coronavirus in mid-April.

The group believe that the Government should be held accountable for the following:

  • The delays to locking down.
  • The failure to quarantine arrivals from abroad.
  • The Governments abandonment of a test and trace approach.
  • Inadequate PPE supplies.

The campaign hopes to shine a light on the government’s past failings and to maintain pressure on the authorities to protect the public going forward.

Our greatest fear is that many more families will be needlessly bereaved if the government does not take a sensible and well-evidenced approach to lifting lockdown measures and prioritise protecting the public in future.

– Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK

Patrick Vernon, who is originally from Wolverhampton, is another person who wants the Government to take account for its’ actions.

He is part of the ‘We Want Answers‘ campaign which works with organisations and people in the public eye who are asking questions around the handling of the pandemic.

He is also calling for there to be an independent inquiry on how the Government has handled the pandemic, following the death of a relative who died from coronavirus.

A Government spokesperson said that it has been part of the government strategy throughout the outbreak to protect lives.

Every death from this virus is a tragedy and our deepest sympathies go out to the families who have sadly lost relatives. The Government’s strategy throughout this unprecedented global pandemic has been to protect life and support the most vulnerable.

– Government spokesperson.