Cllr Patrick Vernon joins campaign to save fire stations


Labour party members across the capital have launched campaigns to save fire stations from closure to prevent the impact it will have on London’s communities.

Cllr Vernon said: “I am lending my support to the Brent Campaign as part of the wider London SOS campaign to stop Boris Johnson in making unprecedented cuts to fire stations, fire engines and making over 500 fire fighters redundant.”

“The Wembley fire station is at threat along with the Kingsland fire station near my ward as a Councillor in Hackney. Closure of these fire stations will result in longer response times thus putting the lives of people in further risk and danger. This is a clear attack on this important public service which many people in Brent and Hackney value.”

Brent fire station Campaign launch: click here

Kingsland Road Fire station support Hackney Party’s petition click here

To respond to the consultation in saving Wembley and Kingsland fire stations click here

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