Debt Talk Monthly Podcast: Patrick Vernon talks ‘Minority communities & money struggle’


Debt Talk Monthly Podcast: Patrick Vernon talks ‘Minority communities & money struggle’

On this month’s Debt Talk podcast, Ripon Ray explored structural health inequity, direct and indirect discrimination in the workplace, low income, and the inadequacy of the social security system to support minority communities.

Professor Patrick Vernon OBE FrHistS explained how minority communities are more likely to be in precarious jobs; and since cuts in public services began over a decade ago, the financial pressures have intensified for many people. The cost of the living crisis is just an extension of the pressure, he argued.

Muna Yassin MBE – CEO of Fair Money Advice – spoke about how her organisation is seeing acute cases linked with priority debts (with rent, council tax arrears and fuel debts). A major issue, she feels, is that the current policy design does not take into account the interest of minority communities.

Helen Barnard – Associate Director of Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)and Research – emphasised the importance of relating minority issues with wider working-class interests. She outlined how minority communities have been discriminated against as they apply for jobs and while at work they are in receipt of unequal pay. The focus should also be on the enforcement of existing rights to support these communities.

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At the next Debt Talk podcast, Ripon Ray to speak about: ‘Alternative lending and recovery’.