EVENT: 10th March 2022 – Separated Families: Unjust Deportations & The Families Left Behind

Launch of a groundbreaking report by Families for Justice, a group of women fighting for their families against the UK’s unjust deportations

About this event

Families for Justice is so excited to invite you to our first event! We’ll be launching our new report, ‘Separated Families: Unjust Deportations & The Families Left Behind’, online from 7pm, on Thursday March 10th.


If you don’t know us already, Families for Justice is a group of mothers, wives, partners and daughters. All of our families have experienced some sort of separation due to the UK’s cruel and unjust deportation laws. We’ve been fighting back for our families, and have united as part of the Detention Action network so that we can better stand together


‘Separated Families: Unjust Deportations & The Families Left Behind’ is written and researched by Families for Justice members. In this groundbreaking report, we share our experience of having our families torn apart by unjust deportations – including the impact on our children and livelihoods – as well as our insights and expertise into the current movement for change, and how we can all fight for a fairer future.


The event will be focused on presenting the report, as well as hearing from group members and guest speakers with a wealth of experience fighting unjust deportations.


We want more action and less detention. We know our children’s wellbeing should come before this Government’s obsession with looking tough on immigration. We demand a fair system that doesn’t tear families apart and traumatise our youth and communities.


We’re determined in our fight, but we need everyone to stand together with us.


If you want to hear more about our movement and how you can join us, please come along to the event.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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