Event: Friday February 10th 2023 – Patrick Vernon at BRIG Race Equality Week Networking Event


BRIG Race Equality Week Networking Event

We are bringing the city together for an opportunity to network, learn and collaborate with a wide range of people and organisations promoting race equality and equity during REW 2023.

We will also be revealing Birmingham Race Impact Group’s plans for 2023. Alongside music and spoken word performances and refreshments.

What is Race Equality week?

Launched by Race Equality Matters, its purpose is to turn words into meaningful action.

During the week thousands of organisations across the UK, participate and take meaningful action towards tackling the barriers to race equality; over 3,500 organisations were engaged in Race Equality Week 2022.

The 2023 theme is #ItsEveryonesBusiness (this was selected by the Race Equality Matters Community – 79% of respondents believed making race equality everyone’s business, would have a meaningful impact in tackling race inequality), and takes place on 6 – 12 February 2023.

“I am looking forward to speaking at this important event in Birmingham as part of Race Equality Week.” – Patrick Vernon OBE

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