Fresh Perspectives: A Needs Analysis of the Irish Community in London


At the time Patrick Vernon was leaving his position as CEO of The Afiya Trust he wrote the foreward for the report Fresh Perspectives, looking at the need of the Irish community in London.

The report examined the needs of 855 vulnerable Irish people in London including migrants, older people, carers and second generation Irish families.

Research in the report found:

  • That isolation in the London Irish community is a contributory factor to poor health outcomes
  • Recent migrants experience a cultural shock over competition for housing and employment, with 11.2 per cent reporting either anxiety or depression
  • The data on recent migrants indicates a causal link between poorly planned migration and poor mental health

Recommendations in the research called for a campaign to raise awareness to reduce to reduce the number of Irish people moving to London without undertaking appropriate planning and to increase engagement with culturally sensitive services upon arrival.

The report also called on policy makers, funders and service providers to recognise the importance and potential long-term impact of culturally sensitive services for vulnerable Irish people.

Dr Mary Tilki, Chair of Federation of Irish Societieswho co-authored the report said: “The data should be used to ensure local and regional planning for social services includes detailed information on the needs of the Irish community. Those involved in migration policy and commissioning must use the results to plan effectively for the needs of this community. As well as this mainstream organisations must improve front-line workers’ awareness of the rights of recently arrived Irish people under the common travel area agreement.”

To read the full report click here

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