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Launched in 2003 by Patrick Vernon OBE, the 100 Great Black Britons list made accessible the history of Black achievement in Britain. Ten years after its launch, the website is still the most popular site on the black presence and historical achievement of people of African descent and the diaspora in Britain.

The success of Barak Obama, the first US president of African descent, has raised the aspirations of Black people in Britain, catalysing a debate on past, current and future achievements. Earlier this year, a petition with over 36,000 supporters, including high profile personalities, helped retain Great Black Britons Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano on the National Curriculum. What are the issues, challenges and impact of black achievement in Britain today? And who should we be calling Great?

Patrice Lawrence (Every Generation Media) will chair a debate on black achievement and British identity with Chuka Umunna, MP, Shadow Business Minister, Rev Rose Hudson–Wilkins, The House of Commons Speaker’s Chaplain, Elizabeth Pears, News Editor, The Voice newspaper, Dean Atta, writer and poet and Patrick Vernon OBE, Founder of 100 Great Black Britons.

Date: 31 October 2013
Time: 19:00-20:00
Venue: National Portrait Gallery, London

To celebrate the re-launch, DJs Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker, authors of the groundbreaking book on underground music and black radio, Masters of the Airwaves, will be playing ‘80s and ‘90s music from 6pm to 9pm in the Gallery’s Main Hall.
Nominations for the new list of 100 Great Black Britons will start in 2014, For more information, please visit

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