The Ubele Circles Project with Patrick Vernon

The Ubele Circles Project with Patrick Vernon

Based on Sankofa principles of seeking knowledge from the past to benefit the futures of generations to come. The Ubele Circles Project is an opportunity for you to explore anti racist activism in Britain.

The Circle will take place between June – July 2022 and will be led by commentator and campaigner Professor Patrick Vernon OBE. This circle will run for a duration of 4 weekly sessions. Patrick will explore how he used arts and creativity as part of the campaigning and advocacy process to visualise and create impact around campaigns.

The sessions will cover elements of techniques on campaigning, developing petitions, direct action, lobbying parliamentarians, and people of influence. The role of social media as well as building an informal network of supporters and activists. The sessions will also provide an opportunity for intergenerational dialogue conversation and to explore what has what happens or what’s been a difference around the rights and humanity have black people are treated and respected in Britain in the 21st-century.

By the end of the process we hope for you to write a short blog showcasing your learning.

Application deadline: Monday 13 June 2022.