The Voice: Home Office are still acting in bad faith against the Windrush Generation, says Campaigner Patrick Vernon

The ruling last week by the High Court that the Home Office’s handling of some Windrush citizenship applications has been ‘irrational’ and ‘unlawful’ makes clear that the Home Office have not adopted the recommendations and the spirit of the Lessons Learned Review by Wendy Williams – which the Tony Sewell’s race report completely fails to acknowledge and endorse. The very fact that the Home Office are now appealing against this important judgment demonstrates that there is no desire or commitment to right the wrongs.Also there is no respect in valuing the death of Hubert along Sarah O’Connor, Paulette Wilson, Dexter Bristol, and many others that families are still grieving and still fighting for justice and compensation reflect that Black Lives Don’t Matter!

I remember meeting Hubert Howard on several occasions in Hackney where we both live prior to his death. He was campaigning to fight for his status along other when the Home Office introduce ‘Good Character’ which is a loaded term in the context of racism and exclusion further reinforces the hostile environment policy which is based on fear and intimidation.

It also further hight lights the role of legal assistance and court action is required to make the Home Office accountable. Lawyers like Connie Sozi, Jacqueline McKenzie, Grace Brown, Leslie Thomas, and many others plus growing number of Windrush Advice clinics are playing an important role in fighting for the human rights of the Windrush Generation and their families.

In addition, I believe that the Windrush Scheme needs to be removed from the Home Office to be an independent arm’s length agency and I have launched a petition which almost 60,0000 people have signed to support this campaign:

How much more evidence do we need to prove there is no accountability or scrutiny in resolving the Windrush Scandal after three years despite a Windrush Cross Government Advisory Group. I hope that the Home Affairs Select Committee, Public Accounts Committee and National Audit Office step up their investigations and reviews in the conduct and behaviour of the Home Office and culture Anti Blackness which is pervasive in gaslighting the victims and families of the scandal.


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