Women Empowered set to support homeless young people

Kerrin Pringle (Far left) and Cllr Patrick Vernon
Kerrin Pringle (Far left) and Cllr Patrick Vernon
New voluntary organisation ‘Women Empowered’ aims to support the needs of homeless young people across Brent.

The organisation was formed by mother-of-three Kerrin Pringle, who decided to use her experiences of domestic violence and homelessness to help others, particularly young people, experiencing similar problems.

Ms Pringle said: “We will empower homeless young people with social competency, budgeting and life skills. Therefore, after being with us they can go back into society armed with the tools to lead a more productive life and give back to their community.”

Women Empowered has already begun to attract professionals who are willing to provide support the needs of the homeless. Cllr Patrick Vernon, who attended the launch of the organisation, said: “Congratulations to Kerrin Pringle for the recent launch at the Grange in Neasden the Women Empowered organisation. It was a great family day with lots of empowering women and men with a clear focus on their goals and achievements.”

Women Empowered was officially launched on April 27 in Neaseden. The event brought together a range of performers, inspirational speakers and a host of community stalls representing Brent’s diverse communities.

Ms Pringle, who describes Women Empowered as Word, Power and Action, explained: “WORD is the knowledge and information that will be shared with young adults, POWER is what will come from being better equipped for their life’s journey and ACTION is what they will now take to change their lives for the better.”

For more information about the organisation visit www.womenempoweredinternational.co.uk or call Kerrin Pringle on 07956 150 140.

One thought on “Women Empowered set to support homeless young people

  1. We are charity organisation provide volunteer and recruitment services to brent’s resident, we did come cross homless young and adult person who did not have any help from Brent council or local resources , sad for single young person or adult do not have right to receive support from council because not priority , wish we knew about your organisation who can able to help, please let us know your services and support so we can refer individual who need help.
    Thank you

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