Public Windrush memorial vandalised in a suspected ‘hate crime’


Prominent Windrush campaigner and social commentator, Patrick Vernon, told The Voice the vandalism needs to be treated as a hate crime. He said: “This is a hate crime and cultural terrorism against the Windrush generation.

“It is another attempt to try and denigrate and supress the contributions of the Windrush generation to Britain.
“Whoever did it, went there on more than one occasion and deliberately targeted it and to me it is definitely a hate crime.”

Mr Vernon said attacks on memorials for Black people is nothing new in the UK and more should be done to protect them. He said: “The plaque for Stephen Lawrence in Eltham has been damaged a number of times. “Anything to do with Black history always gets defaced and is more vulnerable.”

Mr Venon told The Voice, because people who are racist cannot physically attack Black people anymore, they are now doing so, by hiding behind social media or attacking symbols which represent the Black presence in the UK.
“The Marcus Rashford mural was also attacked recently, anything which represents us is under threat,” he added.


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