Public survey into mental health and policing



Independent commission launches consultation asking members of the public to share their views about mental health and the London Metropolitan Police Service.

The Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing launched the consultation on January 14, 2013. The commission hopes to collect a variety of views from all public sectors, voluntary organisations and communities in London, particularly those who have direct experience and opinions on the keys issues faced between mental health and policing.

Patrick Vernon, a committee member on the commission, believes that this is the ideal opportunity for people to share their experiences and suggest ways that police handling of mental health can be put into better practice.

Chair of the commission, Lord Victor Adebowale said: “This is the opportunity for London to get involved with the work of the Commission – we are helping the police to improve a key area of their work and your contribution will help us to get it right.”

The commission was initiated to undertake independent examinations of cases, within the last five years, of death or serious injury of people with a mental illness, after contact with the Metropolitan Police Service.

For more information about the consultation please click here

To complete the online survey click here (The consultation will close on February 8, 2013)

A report following the consultation is expected to be published in March 2013.

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