Go Fund Me – Healing Through Reconnecting

Have you ever wanted to trace your heritage but not known where to start? We are designing and piloting a tool/method that will allow you to do just that.
Healing Heritage is a community project actively engaged in Caribbean family research. The project is aimed at the healing and repair of the disadvantages faced by people of African Caribbean genealogy.
Phase 1 involved research that has identified the Ancestors of 4 individuals seeking to re-connect with their generational heritage by discovering details of their fore parents. It is now necessary to gain enhanced access to certain Caribbean Records to continue the search.
Healing Heritage is now seeking the support of our Community to:
• Commission researchers
• Develop and publish our findings
• Facilitate the reconnecting of families from the Caribbean with their ancestral heritage
• Define procedures towards reparation/restitution
Phase 2 of our research aims to engage professional researchers – Adrian Stone UK, Annmarie Lazarus Jamaica, who will access Parish records directly in the Caribbean.
Your contribution will:
Provide the method and process for individuals to trace your own family lines,
Identifying the journeys, obstacles and triumphs that enabled the survival of their generations.
By giving, your donation will contribute to a historical milestone that boldly seeks to reconnect as well as gain restitution for our Ancestry.
“I’m supporting the Healing Heritage project because this is not just about the big histories of our people. Big histories are good, but Healing Heritage gets personal. This is a project that seeks to dig deep, identify people, and name names. It is not just seeing us as statistics, but individuals who have families, with personal struggles, and personal histories. This is about history and heritage stepping forwards. This is about us”. Supported by: Benjamin Zephaniah February 2023
Also supported by Patrick Vernon OBE Cultural Historian and Social Commentator“Family history and researching our roots is a key aspect of discovering who we are to give a greater sense of belonging and identity. This is part of the process of restorative justice and healing for all’