Patrick Vernon OBE appointed as Chair of Labour Party’s Race Equality Advisory Group


Fifty years ago today (8th of December 2015) the Labour government of Harold Wilson introduced the first Race Relations Act – outlawing discrimination based on ethnicity. Labour has a strong track record. As recently as 2010 we passed the Equality Act. On this anniversary, Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Women & Equalities Minister, announced that Patrick Vernon will chair an advisory group of experts to advise her on policy on race equality. Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party’ Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

Kate Green explained that, ‘While we’ve made huge steps forward in the past fifty years, people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds continue to experience discrimination and disadvantage in society… Addressing the inequality and injustice experienced by people from BAME backgrounds remains a top priority for our Party.’

Patrick Vernon said:

“Although we have the best race equality legalisation and practice in the West there is  still a lot of work to done to tackle structural issues affecting BAME communities in relation to health and social care, housing, education, stop and search, business, employment, the arts, and civic and public life. However, it is also important to acknowledge the achievements and aspirations of  our multicultural and faith society  in working towards a fair and just Britain for all.”

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